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This page contains answers to common questions, along with other information that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

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What is Currency Maintenance?

Currency Maintenance is the broad term applied to minimum proficiency, activity levels, and recurrent training required to maintain certification ("remain current") in the surface operations program.

The Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual describes the requirements.

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What is the minimum activity level required?

Every crewmember and coxswain must be underway (under orders) for at least 12 (twelve) hours every calendar year. Coxswain may be underway as either crewmembers or coxswains.

This is required to maintain basic experience levels. The surface operations program needs performance skills that require constant exposure to maintain proficiency.

Failure to record the minimum activity level will cause the member's certification status to be placed in REYR (short for Required Yearly).

Underway time is recorded in AUXDATA when patrol orders are properly submitted in POMS and a corresponding online record is made of underway hours.

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What about proficiency checks?

Every 3 (three) years, each Crewmember or Coxswain must successfully perform the tasks in the Currency Check Ride with a Qualification Examiner evaluating the tasks.

This Currency Check Ride is virtually identical to the Underway Check Ride performed when the member was first certified. It includes a wide range of activities, and includes evaluation of overall safety, policy adherence, decision making, and total competence ("the whole" in addition to "the parts").

The year in which a member needs to fulfill the Currency Check Ride depends upon when the last check ride was performed.

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Are there other recurrent training requirements?

Yes. Certain recurrent training must be taken to maintain certification currency.

Annually, the National Response Department issues an Operations Workshop. From time to time, the USCG Commandant makes this workshop required training. If required, every surface operations member must attend a workshop and have their attendance recorded in AUXDATA. Failure to attend a required workshop by a deadline date (usually 31 May) will put the member's certification into REWK status (short for Required Workshop). If the workshop is not required, attending a workshop session is still recommended but there is no certification consequence for not attending.

The National Response Department also issues a Team Coordination Training refresher workshop annually. This workshop can be given locally without requiring a formal TCT Facilitator. The workshop is required annual training by all surface operations members.

Every five years, every Crewmember and Coxswain must attend a Team Coordination Training class. These classes are presented by trained TCT Facilitators.

Coxswains must renew a Navigation Rules examination every five years. The expiration date of the NavRules exam is the actual 5 year anniversary date, not the end of the calendar year.

Missing any of the above training requirements requires taking the required training ("make up") before certification can be restored.

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What record keeping is needed?

Underway hours are recorded through POMS (Patrol Order Management System), under the responsibility of the coxswain-of-record for a given patrol. The coxswain-of-record or facility owner fills out patrol orders in POMS and also submits an online '7030' form for AUXDATA through POMS.

Recurrent training is reported through workshop attendance, with either IS staff recording (operations workshop, TCT refresher) or with D1NR Cape Cod office recording (NavRules, 5 year TCT classes).

One-time training is recorded by the D1NR Cape Cod office (ICS classes, initial NavRules) when results are reported to them.

Check Ride results are reported directly by the QE involved to the ASST DIRAUX Operations and Training Officer (OTO), who then handles the necessary recording within AUXDATA. It is HIGHLY recommended that the member keep some record from the QE about the successful completion of the check ride.

If certification is lost (REYR or REWK status), the member must request (via their Flotilla Commander to the ASST DIRAUX Operations and Training Officer) recertification once the missing requirements are met (hours, training, check ride). Recertification is a manual step that won't happen without notification - fix items first (and verify that AUXDATA has the fixed items recorded), then request.

It is far easier to keep required items current rather than lapse and "make up" the items. Many people must do extra work to handle lapsed items for you, and your ability to participate in operations is suspended when your certification is lapsed!

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Why are there places for 2 QEs to sign the currency check rides?

Both the crew and coxswain currency check rides have provisions for two signatures of Qualification Examiners (QEs) in the Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual.

Don't panic, this does not mean you have to have two QEs on your check ride!

This is done in case your check ride needs to be done in two sessions for some reason. Possible reasons would include that you were not able to successfully complete some tasks, that weather or other circumstances interrupted the check ride, or even that the check ride was scheduled in two sessions (a one-boat session, and a two-boat session for towing evolutions). It is recommended that check rides be finished in a single session, but this is not always possible.

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How do I restore my lapsed certification (REYR, REWK)?

If your certification has lapsed (status put into REYR or REWK), there may be more than one reason for the lapse.

You need to complete all the items missing that triggered the lapse. This might include:

  • missing required underway hours from previous year
  • missing or expired check ride
  • expired TCT
  • expired NavRules (coxswains, expires on 5 year actual anniversary)
  • missing required Incident Command System (ICS) courses
  • missing annual refresher TCT
  • missing required operations workshop (only IF required, this would be REWK status if missed by 31 May of a year)

After you have completed the missing item or items (and had your FSO-IS or SO-IS verify that the former missing items are now recorded in AUXDATA), your Flotilla Commander must make a specific request to the ASST DIRAUX Operations and Training Officer (OTO) to reinstate your operations certification, indicating what you were missing and what you corrected.

The last request step is critical! Just completing missing items doesn't automatically restore your certification, no matter how long you wait and wish it to be so.

Items that expire (TCT, NavRules) must be renewed BEFORE they expire.

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